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Mr. Brian Bosland
VP, Regional Sales
Inside Sales Magazine
555 Battery Street
San Francisco CA 94550

Dear Mr. Bosland:

After almost 15 years of experience in media sales, I would like to think that my success is due to the fact that I have always been involved in some sort of sales ever since I was a kid, and set up my first lemonade stand. And to some degree it is. But it also helps that I
possess a driving passion for making money and selling advertising. And my goal is to put that sales management experience to work for your company.

Currently, as associate publisher for Penton Media, I have emonstrated my sales management expertise by forging new client relationships and building a thriving, $2.5 million sales territory in less than two years. My performance has consistently exceeded
expectations, surpassing all budget and sales goals.

Your Inside Sales magazine is very similar in composition and customer focus to our publication, Selling Customer Solutions. By selling this channel-targeted business magazine, I have developed a valuable client network and list of related contacts, which I
have cultivated entirely from ‘scratch’. This magazine, along with others I have published along the way, was a startup venture with no previous account base.

While I am quite proud of these achievements and secure in my current job, my desire is to assume a more challenging role in a strategic sales position. So, if you're interested in someone who already possesses strong relationships selling to San Francisco and bay area based business, technology, and dot.com advertisers and agencies, please give me a call.

Thank you.


Alex Wentworth

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